Sketchbook Pages #4

I’m not one to dwell too much in the past, but sometimes when I get stuck, I like to look through old sketchbooks. Lately I’ve been enjoying the horrors that are my old college sketchbooks, back when I was taking introductory art courses and painting. A lot of it was more visual exploration, whereas the pages from my sketchbooks from graphic design coursework had more notes and thumbnail sketches. All of them are a little embarrassing, with student angst-filled pages ranting about sleep-deprivation, and hopes of a better life post-college. Heh.

I’ve got a few less embarrassing throwbacks, and some current ideas I’m still fleshing out.

Another page from the sketchbook

WIP study; still a lot of fleshing out needs to be done here.

This is a little more carefully drawn-out page from the sketchbook.

I guess I’m available to do pet portraits now.

This was part of a commission I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. He was a bull-mastiff rescue, and the sweetest. Assymetrical face and everything. It’s been almost a year since I’ve last done any ink illustrations, so I was really nervous working on this piece. The angst.

A study for an illustration I did for a nightclub in Downtown San Diego.

“Whoa what happened to her hand?”—an old co-worker

This was a study for an illustration I did at an old agency job. I learned I hated working in watercolor, but for some reason, I got a lot of assignments in watercolor. This was probably five years ago.

Old sketchbooks from college

I think these were just doodles from college. I learned I really enjoy ink.