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Sketchbook Pages

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any sketchbook pages. I’ve been keeping busy since the beginning of this year, working on projects offline. I had to take a step back and really think about the direction I’m trying to go with this blog. I don’t have cool recipes or little gleaming nuggets of advice, and all the graphic design/personal branding advice I know of can already be found on other blogs. For now I’ll just share work while I get my portfolio up and running. Posting three times a week was already a lot for me, so I’ll be posting organically once a week. I’ll be here on Fridays. It might be travel photos, it might be sketchbook pages, hopefully WIP photos from a few things I’ve been working on. Maybe along the way, there might be mistakes in all of this. Either way I hope I can share this entire learning experience with you; sometimes things like finding a voice can take time.

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Sunday Pages #2

I know, I didn’t post anything last Sunday. I didn’t have any pages ready (except for the spread below), nor any Easter candy. However, this week was different. I actually had the time to take out my swipe file and make a huge mess on my kitchen counter without freaking out that I’d have to clean up before dinner.

But I still miss my Easter candy stash.Sunday PagesSunday PagesSunday PagesSunday Pages Sunday PagesSunday Pages

Sunday Pages #2

I’m a fan of Austin Kleon. Although I have yet to read Show Your Work!, I’ve found his two other books, Steal Like an Artist and Newspaper Blackout inspiring. Sometimes when I’m pressed for ideas, I like to make newspaper blackout poetry visually interpret it. The whole idea is to take newsprint and redact it to create something new and interesting from the words that remain.

For additional information and how-to’s, visit the official site:

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Sunday Pages #1

A few years ago, in a book arts class I took in school, one of our first in-class assignments involved not learning a new binding stitch, but painting splotches. Our instructor read us a few prompts, and took a few minutes to pause in between while we mixed and applied our colors. The whole point of the assignment was to interpret some sort of narrative solely through color, devoid of brush gesture as an influence. It set the tone for our class, in learning not only the practical art of putting together books, but using them as an artistic medium through which to carry out a narrative.

I wish I knew the source of this exercise, but it was fun to revisit years later.

Sunday pages

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