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Sketchbook Pages #5 – Pokemon Go Edition

In recent weeks I’ve fallen victim to the unavoidable pull of Pokémon Go. I know, I know. Everyone’s playing, and it’s really creepy when random strangers point their phone cameras at you. But childhood dreams really do come true, and now I can now try my hand at catching these mystical creatures IRL. It would only be natural that somehow it would permeate my sketchbook. While AR makes the gameplay a little more realistic compared to the experience in a Gameboy Color or a 3DS, I still wonder what these creatures would look like if they were adapted to our world. Would they resemble certain already existing animals? I decided to mess around with two of the Pokémon already in my possession, and thought about the possibilities for their existence in our world. In the end, they look like illustrations for children’s books. Oh well.

A preliminary drawing of Growlithe

A part of Growlithe before I took him in for coloring.

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Sketchbook Pages #4

I’m not one to dwell too much in the past, but sometimes when I get stuck, I like to look through old sketchbooks. Lately I’ve been enjoying the horrors that are my old college sketchbooks, back when I was taking introductory art courses and painting. A lot of it was more visual exploration, whereas the pages from my sketchbooks from graphic design coursework had more notes and thumbnail sketches. All of them are a little embarrassing, with student angst-filled pages ranting about sleep-deprivation, and hopes of a better life post-college. Heh.

I’ve got a few less embarrassing throwbacks, and some current ideas I’m still fleshing out.

Another page from the sketchbook

WIP study; still a lot of fleshing out needs to be done here.

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An Alternative Approach to Creative Block

You know that feeling. You’re working on a project, and suddenly you hit what seems like a dead end in your thought process. You’re at a loss for words and you’ve wracked your brain for viable solutions, but nothing fits. Enter the dreaded creative block. It may answer to a different name, depending on your discipline,  but it’s frustrating all the same.

When we reach that point in our work, it may mean we need to pause and grab a snack, take a short nap, catch up on the news—anything to take a break from whittling away at the problem. Sometimes a momentary diversion from the grind can be beneficial. It becomes a problem for me when my short breaks turn into a means of procrastination. A tiny snack becomes a quest to read the nutrition facts on everything in the kitchen. “Doing a little research” leads to laughing at and sending coworkers dog or cat memes. In the end, the problem is still there. At some point you have to face it, right? Read More

Sketchbook Pages #3

I wish I had the capacity to carry around a 9” x 12” sketchbook with me at all times, but some days I don’t feel like carrying around a tote bag or backpack. I draw in my Leuchtturm1917 gridded notebook on days I’m not willing to carry around additional weight. A while back, I did away with carrying both a planner and an A5 notebook, and just combined both by using Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal system. You can read more about his system on his website.

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The Things I’ll Carry

I am a little ambivalent towards packing. While I pride myself in the ability to pack a week’s worth of outfits into a backpack, I am by no means a minimalist packer. It’s always the miscellaneous items, like the curling iron, book, or computer making my luggage-carrying experience teeter between tolerable and trip-ruining heaviness. I’ve learned there are some things you can do without, and that you can always post-process your photos at home. Little things like maintaining and sharing an items list with on Evernote maintain my sanity at the beginning and ending of a trip. Although I’m okay with trying to figure out how much mileage I can get from wearing the same shirt, There are a few things I can’t leave without, no matter how long or short the trip.

Organizer, in-flight reading, camera lens, denim jacket, scarf, lens cap, and a few pens.
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Sketchbook Pages

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any sketchbook pages. I’ve been keeping busy since the beginning of this year, working on projects offline. I had to take a step back and really think about the direction I’m trying to go with this blog. I don’t have cool recipes or little gleaming nuggets of advice, and all the graphic design/personal branding advice I know of can already be found on other blogs. For now I’ll just share work while I get my portfolio up and running. Posting three times a week was already a lot for me, so I’ll be posting organically once a week. I’ll be here on Fridays. It might be travel photos, it might be sketchbook pages, hopefully WIP photos from a few things I’ve been working on. Maybe along the way, there might be mistakes in all of this. Either way I hope I can share this entire learning experience with you; sometimes things like finding a voice can take time.

But for now, pages!Collaging from the side Read More

More Thoughts on a Thursday

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.”—Howard Aiken

These past few months, I’ve been thinking about my objectives for running this blog. At the moment, I don’t have any cool DIY posts, and I’m no fashion plate, but I’m hoping to simply use this place as a receptacle for the documentation of ideas and inspiration. Yeah, I know this is what blogs were a few years ago, but I’m hoping that consistently posting work process might motivate me to keep going; keep working hard until something happens.

Maybe someday you’ll have to push your ideas on people to accept them, but for now, there’s nothing wrong with being invisible. There’s room for experimentation and self-discovery before people start paying attention. Maybe those stolen ideas were duds, in retrospect.

…Well, I mean, that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

Thoughts on a Thursday

“We do not know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops.” —John Cleese

Sometimes I need to be reminded that it’s not necessary to constantly remain connected in order to find ideas. In some instances, “research” or “searching for inspiration” results in procrastinating from getting the real work done.

So put down the phone, turn off the computer, and go outside. Read. Connect with someone IRL. Get your hands dirty. Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the Internet will still be there when you get back.